Panic at the NRA and Gun owners Disco, We don’t want your handguns!!!

I am getting a little sick of the mass hysteria of the NRA and the other gun owners thinking Obama and the liberals want ALL of their guns!  Like Balky from Perfect Strangers would say, “Well of course not, Don’t be RidiculOOS!”

Let’s make this abundantly clear : You can have your handguns and your hunting rifles BUT give up and stop selling MILITARY STYLE WEAPONS such as ASSAULT RIFLES AND STOP PROVIDING 100 ROUND CLIPS!!!  This diversion of the facts and the truth is giving me a GOP headache that’s reminiscent of the Romney/Ryan campaign.  Seriously, this has got to stop!

M231 1

M231 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weapons that killed the men, women and children in the movie theater in Colorado and that killed the women and children in Newtown Connecticut were military style assault rifles!  Not handguns!  The shooters had way too much ammo, 100 round clips, that should not be legal for anyone that is NOT in the military.  The hand gun that was used in Newtown was used to kill Adam Lanza.  I have nothing against that handgun.

Please, lets not get fooled into thinking that ALL of our guns are going to be collected….Just the ones that are made for mass destruction, that’s all.  You don’t need armor piercing bullets because deers don’t wear bullet proof vests… don’t need assault rifles with 100 round clips because those deers and wildlife you want to shoot are not assaulting you.

It’s time to get real!  Stop the panic, it’s not real!  I have a feeling that 2013 is going to bring a lot of change but, unfortunately, I think along with that change will bring a lot of resistance to that change by old institutions and old thinking.  I hope common sense will come out on top, actually I know it will but unfortunately, I think it will come with more heartache due to those that can not evolve.



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