Life is about dignity, how much do you have?

I am gaining ground on Twitter, connecting with fellow comics on Facebook and getting some material written and soon recorded for my Youtube channel .

I am trying to save my Comcast life by the 30th so everything that is to excel my career won’t get shut off.  I need to get the material out there and I need a get a paying job.  My state is not providing us with enough jobs but I don’t have any money to move either.  The ship is sinking.  I haven’t gotten a call back from TLC for the show they seemed so excited to have my family on.  My audition went great but I am not getting any response back from them even after a couple of emails.  I am staying professional as I should.  I know these things don’t happen overnight but I would just like a quick sentence of “Yay” or “Nay”.  With no money for gas to get to venues to do open mics…yadayadayada….life is at a standstill.  Then why do I have a smile on my face?  I have a smile on my face because I know things will turn around.  I have a smile on my face because right now a friend of mine is in an ambulance having his infant son being rushed to the hospital due to ongoing health problems from a premature birth meanwhile my son is having an enjoyable holiday weekend with my ex-wife and his cousins and my 3 year old daughter is sleeping safely in the other room with my wife.  MY family is healthy and alive.  We are broke but thats just money.  It will come back to us and as talented as my wife and I are with the fields that we are in and a part of our life, I KNOW we will be okay. We will be more than okay.  So what if Comcast gets shut off, it’ll be back on soon enough.  How will we get the money for that?  I don’t know but I know it will come.  Some of us don’t know whether our loved ones will live through the night or where our loved ones are living after searching for them for years.  My life is down right now…but it could be worse.  I know for a fact my friend would trade his worries for a heartbeat.

Money isn’t everything.  It makes some parts of life easier but it doesn’t heal physical wounds or emotional scars left behind from shitty parents or step-parents.  We all need to come together and heal one another through positive thoughts and prayers.  Help them and us find a way for strength and connection to get passed the pain and worry.  Instead of measuring a man by the amount in his checking account how about measuring him by the way he treats his children and fellow human beings. And not by the amount of money he gives but by the amount of time he spends taking accountability for his past indiscretions.  Answer the questions presented to you with as much honesty and vigor as you would if it had to do with your taxes…ah, well bad example…but no matter how tough the questions, remember silence is deafening, and only leads to assumptions.  And in that case, it only makes one of you look like an asshole.

Be kind to one another.

Life isn’t about status, its about dignity, how much you HAVE and how much you SHOW your fellow man.


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