Broken Lizards’ Ustream LIVE 9/14

Well i just finished watching Kevin, Jay, Steve, Erik and Paul on their broadcast on tonight.  These are the guys from the comedy ensemble Broken Lizard and they were very funny and very personable.  Usually cracking silly jokes and making sounds or singing sentences out of nowhere…just like ME and many of you out there.  This made it VERY fun to watch and listen.

Cover of

Cover of The Slammin' Salmon

The watchers were giving them a hard time about how many times they reference the “anus” in their movies…lol, and they actually thought they hadn’t…until EVERYBODY started pointing out all of the ANUS’ or ANAL cavities mentioned way too much to NOT talk to them about!

I mean, you get 4 minutes in the movie and Paul is telling Kevin to go shove that tuna steak “inside the walls of his anus”…..and don’t forget the main subject in act 2 of the movie is Kevin poopin out a “450,000 dollar ming diamond!!!”…because he got “tickle friend” mixed up with “send back in” and ended up EATING the brownie with the ring inside!  Too funny, especially the journey that the diamond went through!

So the guys were in Eriks’ bedroom with Steve Lemme manning the questions and Jay directing, of course, well directing sort of…i mean its a little web cam but Jay had it under control, lol.  Kevin, Paul and Erik (sitting left to right) were sitting snug across Eriks’ bed…which kind of reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Bradys’ bed.  Kevin mentioned something about rubber sheets but i’m sure Erik was just making sure his hot water bottle wouldn’t leak and fuck up his Serta.

Beer League, live in person

Image by eytonz via Flickr

It was too short for me but i realize they are busy folks and are off to the next show on the tour.  They will be going to Philadelphia and Boston next and for the rest of the shows you can find the dates on their Facebook page.
Like i said it was too short so this was too short but i’ll be back soon…waiting for the doctor right now….and SHE’S RUNNIN’ LATE!!!

until next time,  pajamaMOUTH is HERE!


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